Finished: Wren dress


I’m going to start this blog with a dress  that I really like. A few weeks ago Colette patterns released the Wren dress and the fangirl that I am had to buy it immediately. I’ve already sewn two versions and they are in heavy rotation here.
The Wren dress is easy and quick to sew. The alterations I made are to raise my shoulderpoint about 1,5 cm because of my square shoulders. I also made a 4 cm swayback adjustment. It makes such a difference. When I don’t shorten the back bodice dresses like that look like 90’s-little girl in the prairie- style and that’s not what I’m going for. A few centimeters make all the difference. I found it really helpful to baste the overlapping part and try it on with the skirt already halfway attached. That way you can check if you’re satisfied with the modesty. If you overlap too much the front bodice gets pulled up and it starts to look like maternity wear. Actually it still gets pulled up in the front quite a bit, maybe I need to address this in future versions but now it doesn’t bother me that much.  I reduced the width of the skirt 20 cm overall at the side seams.


I’ve sewn this dress with some really nice mystery fabric purchased at the dutch fabric market. It has a rib like texture and is not very stretchy. I’m afraid it’s rather prone to pilling but we’ll see how it behaves after a few washes.

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